RIWEL - Research on Interaction at the Workplace and in Everyday Life

"RIWEL - Research on Interaction at the Workplace and in Everyday Life" is an open research collaboration for everybody at Aarhus University and others who investigate interaction in different settings.

RIWEL is part of the research group "Social Interaction" within CESAU - Centre for Sociological Studies at Aarhus University. If you are affiliated with Aarhus University, you can become a member of CESAU.
RIWEL is a part of the national research network MOVIN - Micro Analysis of Verbal Interaction.

RIWEL's activities are open to all
Please contact us by e-mail if you want to know more, participate in datasessions or study group mkeetings, present data or the like. You can also join the MOVIN mailing list, through which we communicate regularly, by contacting Prof. Johannes Wagner, jwa@sdu.dk.

We study interaction at data sessions
One of our main activities is data sessions. Data sessions are workshops open to researchers, students and others who are interested in interaction. At these workshops we analyse recordings of naturally occurring conversations from the workplace and from everyday life.

We discuss issues in social interaction research at study group meetings
In addition to the main activity - the data sessions - RIWEL arranges study group meetings and sessions where we read and comment on each others’ articlers and other work-in-progress. These sessions will be planned from time to time and announced here and through the MOVIN list.

The study group meetings is an activity run by RIWEL in collaboration with the PhD programme in Language, Linguistics and Cognition. PhD students can get ECTS credit for active participation in study group activities.